Remnant is a sidescroller adventure game where you explore, craft, survive, and research.

Remnant is about a young man who awakens several hundred years after falling unconscious. The young man awakens only to find himself amidst the ruins of three empires, which have fallen to decay and ruin. The last of his kind, the young man is the only remnant of his people. With hardly anyone in sight, the Remnant sets forward, hoping to understand what happened to his people, and why he had slept for so long.

Remnant is part one of a larger story called the Mezua Chronicles. Mezua is a large region where four different stories from different time periods take place. Depending on the success of Remnant, three more stories will follow.

What are the Game Mechanics and Features?

Players will have to jump, climb, swim, and throw items. Players must also find food to heal. Players can choose to explore, craft, chop foliage, mine rocks and gems, collect artifacts, and solve puzzles.


Players will be able to explore for hidden crevasses, secret caves, and rooms. The further a player explores the more he can learn of the past.


Players will be able to craft weapons, tools, and ammunition. Players will need to have a weapon at some point in order to survive predatory creatures. Thus, weapons will require ammunitions, such as arrows. Tools will be required to mine and chop.

Chopping and Mining:

Players can craft, but will require specific materials. Certain trees and bushes can be chopped in order to collect wood or fruits(food). Players will need to mine rocks in order to remove an obstacle, collect pebbles, or find hidden dungeons. Players will need to mine crystal and gem deposits in order to collect special materials for more powerful arrows.


The world will be filled with all kinds of artifacts. Some artifacts are rare and hard to find. Some are common. Some are useless, but others are very useful and act as a medium for contextual story-telling. Collecting is completely optional; some artifacts will be needed however, to find specific dungeon entrances.


Certain artifacts, entrances, or obstacles will present a puzzle. Puzzles might need to be solved in order to progress, activate certain items or places, or collect certain items.


Players will be able to collect artifacts left over from the ruinous empires. The artifacts hold clues and visual information as well as written script from those empires. The visual and written information holds clues as to what happened to the empires, who was who, and what the artifact is. It is a completely optional aspect of the game, for those who want to truly figure out what the world is about.